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Single and double wire braid hydraulic hoses  

Single and Double Wire Braid Hydraulic Hoses System

We provide hydraulic hoses used for pressure as well as hydraulic hoses with wire braid for high temperatures. Wire braid hydraulic hoses can be divided into many types according to the layer number. Here we will introduce two kinds of wire braid hydraulic hoses that are widely used in the markets. They are namely single wire braid hose and double wire braid hose.


Thermoplastic hydraulic hose


Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose

The spiral wire hydraulic hose, high pressure hydraulic hose and wire braided hydraulic hose are our traditional hose products. The thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are new to our products.
In recent years, thermoplastic materials such as nylon, urethane and polyester have been combined with spiral wire reinforcements to manufacture extremely high-pressure hoses and non-wire reinforced hydraulic hoses called thermoplastic hydraulic hoses for water jetting.

Four Spiral Wire Hydraulic Hose  

Four Spiral Wire Hydraulic Hose

It is an extremely flexible hose designed to operate at high working pressures and finds its applications on modern construction, marine, mining, and forestry equipment. This hose is available in long lengths of up to 131 feet.

Four layer wire spiral reinforced hydraulic hose  

Four Layer Wire Spiral Reinforced Hydraulic Hose

The tube is a black oil resistant synthetic rubber.
The reinforcement layer consists of four layers of spirally wrapped high tensile steel wire that separated by synthetic rubber fabric layer. The cover is synthetic rubber. It is weather, oil, fuel, ozone and abrasion resistant.

Multi-spiral hose  

Multi-Spiral Hose

This multi-spiral hose is used in severe pressure applications where high working pressures and superior resistance to impulsion are required. It is commonly used on heavy mobile equipment. Reinforcement: six or more spiral plies of high tensile steel wire.

Low pressure hydraulic hose  

Low Pressure Hydraulic Hose

We are well known supplier for a wide range of hydraulic hoses that are used in large variety of industries. The hydraulic hoses are available in different sizes and pressure ranges according to customers' unique requirements. They are durable, anti corrosive and at well-priced points in the markets. Apart from high and medium pressure hydraulic hose we also offer detailed information of low pressure hydraulic hose.
Tube: synthetic rubber which is oil resistant.
Reinforcement: one textile braid which is laid over tube at a special angle which causes hose to tighten around coupling as pressure is applied.
Cover: impregnated textile braid which is oil and mildew resistant.
Advantages: Robust Construction, Corrosion Resistance, Durable Finish Standards, Extended Efficiency, Perfect Finish.

Medium pressure hydraulic hose  

Medium Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Our medium pressure hydraulic hoses have two types including medium pressure hydraulic hose 1SN and 2SN. They have the same cover and core. The core is oil and water resistant synthetic rubber, and the cover is black color synthetic rubber resistant to oil, water and the ozone. The reinforcement is different in the layer of steel wire braid.

They can withstand temperatures from -40˚ to +212˚ C. They can use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in hydraulic systems for agricultural, earth moving, material handling equipment and such systems. They are a little different from compact high pressure hydraulic hose.

About Brakes

Utilising cutting-edge brake technology, Our Textar brakes are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort. This uncompromising approach has been the very ethos of TAS for more than 100 years. And it's the reason why Textar remains our trusted partner to the world's leading vehicle manufacturers today.

  • TOOLS: We has a great range of professional braking tools, developed to provide a fast and effective solution to automotive brake component replacement for the professional.
  • EPAD epad – The no compromise solution to clean and quiet braking. The epad from Textar is a next generation friction material, initially developed for the original equipment market, to achieve cleaner, quieter and more comfortable braking.

  • More Brakes

    • BRAKE PADS: Supplying more current vehicle build than any other friction brand in South Africa, and providing O.E. performance, our Textar range of more than 1,500 disc brake pads are the ideal aftermarket choice.
    • BRAKE DISCS: Manufactured to O.E. tolerances, the metallurgy of discs is specifically engineered to compliment the wear and friction performance of pads.
    • BRAKE SHOES: Exceeding requirements set by ECE R90, our lined brake shoes provide the perfect partner to brake drums and provide excellent South African vehicle parc coverage.
    • BRAKE DRUMS: Cast and finished to O.E. standards, brake drums offer the highest levels of tensile strength for heat resistance, whilst retaining market leading wear performance.
    • BRAKE FLUID: DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 LV – The comprehensive range of TAS products includes three safety-optimized brake fluids that can be used individually
    • BRAKE CLEANER: Textar's brake cleaner is a reliable way of removing oil, grease, dirt, and brake fluid without leaving behind any residue.
    • CERA TEC: The metal-free anti-squeal lubricant for braking systems. Free from copper and acids, Cera Tec protects against scratching and corrosion .