Automotive VDO

We offer VDO Replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket Diagnostics and several services.

Marine VDO

VDO Instruments and VDO sensors for the marine industry. Chart plotters for sport and leasure boats.

VDO Commercial

We offer VDO Products and solutions for commercial vehicle for manufacturers, workshops, service stations, and fleet owners.

VDO Industrial

Equipment for off-/on-road vehicles, Special vehicles, machines used in construction, agriculture, forestry, stationary machines and sports cars.



vdo gauges

Clock Quartz Gauge

VDO Clock Quartz Gauge

Clock Quartz Gauge (Vdo Gauge)

VDO Clock Quartz Gauge (Electronic)

Electronic Vacuum Gauge  

Clock Quartz Gauge (Electronic)

VDO Quartz clock Gauge 24V
The VDO Quartz Clock offers accurate timing to within ±1 second per day. The crystallographic properties of quartz ensure that the electric current is precisely regulated for accurate timing.

Vacuum gauge 30 to 0 Bar

Colour: Black
Panel hole diameter: 52 mm - 2 1/16"
time scale analogue: 0 to 12 hour
Operating voltage: 24 Volt DC

Part no. Voltage Ø
370-214-031-001G 12 52mm
370-214-031-003G 24 52mm

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