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TAS Automotive, Auto Electrical, Access control and Time attendance website.

Time Access and Automotive Systems distributes top quality electrical components, Access control and time and attendance systems to OEMs and the automotive aftermarket in Southern Africa as well as Internationally. Our locally manufactured brands are well known and well established brands which have become synonymous with quality and reliability in the automotive aftermarket, commercial, off-highway and industrial sectors in South Africa.

Our Automotive and auto electrical products include: automotive Cables, automotive Cameras, auto electrical Central Locking, automotive Gauges, Ignition, auto electrical Lamps, Engine Monitors, Sensors, Switches & Senders, Tachographs, VDO Gauges & Equipment, Test Equipment, Windscreen Washers Components, Industrial Gauges, Rev Counters & AutoMeter, Murphy Gauges, Vision Range LED Lights, VDO GAUGES, MARINE GAUGES, SWITCHES & SENDERS, HIGH LIFT JACK, SPEEDOMETERS, SHOCK ABSORBERS, WARN WINCHES, INDUSTRIAL GAUGES, and VISION LED LIGHTS.

Our Access control products include: Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Multi Biometric, Facial Recognition Reader, Door Locks, Door Controllers, RFID IP, RFID Wiegand, CCTV Cameras, Access control Accessories, TIME ATTENDANCE, CLOCKING MACHINES, JAMMING DETECTORS, DOOR LOCKS, CCTV CAMERAS

TAS Automotive, Auto Electrical, Access control and Time attendance website.

Time access and automotive is a company that offers a wide range of Automotive and Auto Electrical Parts and Components. We also offer a number of access control products and time attendance products such as fingerprint reader systems, biometric readers, clocking machines and much more time attendance products and access control products gate motors, intercom systems, turnstiles, metal detectors fencing and electric fencing, our security products further include metal detectors, vehicle or car jamming detectors and house jamming detectors.


TAS Automotive and Auto Electrical distributes top quality automotive and auto electrical components to OEMs and the automotive aftermarket in Southern Africa as well as Internationally. Our locally manufactured brands are well known and well established brands which have become synonymous with quality and reliability in the automotive aftermarket, commercial, off-highway and industrial sectors in South Africa.

Through our time access and access control department we offer products such as biometric fingerprint readers, biometric door readers, biometric turnstiles that use fingerprint reading system.

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  • Vision X LED Lights
  • High Lift Jack

Access control Systems

Vision Range of LED Lights  


The Hi-Lift X-TREME is for the serious Hi-Lift user, offering the "top of the line" all-cast version (48" or 60" sizes) with special features that include, charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, and a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment.

TAS ensures the greatest rust resistance from extreme use for all the hardware, the unique winch-clamp-spreader attachment, and the handle.




Your single source for high performance custom gauges!

We supply custom speedometers, tachometers, boost gauges, temperature gauges, pressure gauges, gauges for hot rods, and gauges for all automotive vehicles, marine, OEM, and power sports applications.

If you have a unique gauge requirement please contact us.



Tachographs (Analogue & Digital)

A tachograph is a device that is put in vehicles such as lorries and coaches in order to record information such as how fast the vehicle goes, how far it travels, and the number of breaks the driver takes. Tachographs are either analogue tachograph or digital tachograph. Digital tachographs must be fitted to all vehicles.

Our purpose is to supply tachograph head units which are suitable for reconditioning. Tachographs available for delivery include various models by VDO.We specialise in the supply of many rare, difficult to find tachographs. If you're having trouble trying to locate a particularly difficult to source tachograph.




This is our medium-to-light duty winch. But it's no weakling. Designed to be compact, its 4.8-hp Series Wound motor can still pull 6,000 lbs., making it ideal for smaller vehicles with big ideas. Comes standard with a 24m x 8mm cable.

Loved by off-roaders who compete, it's our fastest winch. No load retrieval speed for the M8274-50 is 22.24M per minute, and that's not all.

At 46m x 8mm cable, it also has a very long line capacity. Its unique spur-gear drive train and upright design are totally rugged. Its braking system delivers smooth operation with superior heat dissipation. Roller fairleads, remote control on 3.7m lead, free spool clutch and battery cables are included. 2.4m. per minute at rated load.


speed limiters  


A speed limiter is a micro control based electronic device, which reads the input from the speed sensor and switches a fuel control solenoid valve proportional to the vehicle speed resulting in the control of speed to desirable levels. The speed can be programmed using a hand held programming device (SID).


Prevents over speeding
Reduces pollution
Better vehicle control
Enhanced engine life
Maintenance free
Ideal for all climatic conditions
Saves fuel




Whatever vehicle you drive, TAS has the shocks you need. 

All vehicles on the road have some form of shock absorber. They are located on the front and rear wheels or axels of the vehicle and are connected to the vehicle suspension system – tyres, springs, chassis and their linking components.

Their primary function is to keep the vehicle's wheels in contact with the road.


colour coded gauges  


Most gauges available today have either black, white or silver faces, and your lighting isn't limited to whatever bulb cover you can get. With the various colours and sizes of automotive LEDs available, you can choose just about any colour for the back lighting.




We are focused on security and have in excess of over 15 years of expertise within the security and Time Access. Our trained technicians have worked on some of the country's largest projects and are experienced within the field.
Time and attendance systems (TNA) are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism.

Biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of employees to verify who is actually clocking in and clocking out of work each day. The system scans the finger of the employee, coordinates are determined and then the system maps the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint

We are specialists in Access ControlClosed Circuit Television (CCTV)Intercom Systems,BiometricIP Security Solutions and Intruder Alarm equipment. Many hours are spent evaluating local & international products to ensure we provide superior equipment performance, providing you and the end user with exceptional value for money and innovative systems. All backed up in conjunction with our local service.

A full range of auxiliary equipment is also available to further enhance our customer support philosophy. The staff are enthusiastic and committed to providing you with an advanced solution and a fantastic experience.

Our brands are compatible with the latest Network Technology (TCP/IP, ADSL, PTSN), as LAN/WAN and remote communication have become an essential part of today's security systems.

We are sure you will enjoy your Time Access Control and Security Systems experience and we eagerly await your communication, please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Access control and time and attendance
  • Access control and time and attendance
  • Access control and time and attendance
  • Access control and time and attendance
  • Access control and time and attendance
  • Access control and time and attendance
Time Access Systems offers clocking machines for all your access control requirements. We are the leading supplier of Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Products (fingerprint reader & handscanning device are used for access control and time and attendance). Handscan systems and fingerprint reader have become a major product in time management. There are no licence fees for our time and attendance software and this is included (no charge) with all computerised time management systems.

Access control Systems

FINGERPRINT READER DOORS - Access controlBiometric Door Locks banner

Access Control Biometric Door Locks (fingerprint reader door locks - Access control)

How do fingerprint door locks work?

Basically, fingerprint locks system operate by scanning and converting your fingerprint data into a numerical template. ... The next time someone places his/her finger on the sensor, it matches the data obtained through the finger with the pre-saved values. If a match is found, access is granted and the door opens.

The days of locking your keys in the house or forgetting to lock the door can be a thing of the past, thanks to the variety of affordable electronic biometric door locks we have on offer. Electronic biometric door locks also known as biometric fingerprint door locks using fingerprint readers are now available to you at very cost effective prices. Our Biometric and fingerprint reader door locks products on display are Fingerprint reader L4000 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader L5000 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader L7000 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader HL100 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader LH1000 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader LH2000 Biometric Door lock, Fingerprint reader LH4000 Biometric Door lock, and Fingerprint reader LH5000 Biometric Door lock

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Facial Recognition Systems


facial recognition scanner

Our face recognition door entry blends an unmistakable design, cutting edge technology with uncompromising performance, to create an exceptional product that goes beyond what was considered impossible.

TAS incorporates facial recognition and fingerprint vein or fingerprint biometric technologies. Equipped with a 21.0 Megapixel main camera with autofocus and LED flash, it is able to capture ultra-HD 4K videos for face detection and facial recognition. The ingenious face detection and facial recognition algorithm allows for live detection of frontal, non-frontal, and partial profiles, in under 1 second. Using face tracking and video-based recognition, TAS is capable of automated demographic estimation (age, race/ethnicity and gender) as well as automated detection of facial pose and glasses (eyeglasses and sunglasses).

When installed outdoors, video surveillance and video intercom is a breeze thanks to Wide Field of View (FOV) camera angles.

Our facial recognition products include: FaceDepot-7A Facial Recognition reader, FaceDepot-7B Facial Recognition reader, SpeedFace-H5 Facial Recognition reader, SpeedFace-V5 Facial Recognition reader, KF460 Facial Recognition reader and MultiBio700 Facial Recognition reader

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P160 Palm and Fingerprint Reader - Access control


P160 Biometric Fingerprint Reader PALM RFID Card Time And Attendance Machine Time Clock Network TCP/IP WIFI Free Software


P160 is a multibiometric identification time & attendance and access control terminal, which can connect with third party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button etc.

With the latest palm/fingerprint identification algorithm and streamlined technology, it can hold 600 palm templates and up to 20,000 fingerprint templates without dividing into groups.

Communicating via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and USB host, it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular. Elaborately designed and finely processed, it matches your slap-up office perfectly.
Communicating via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and USB host, it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular. Elaborately designed and finely processed, it matches your slap-up office perfectly.

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Clocking Machines


Clocking systems are used by companies of all sizes to record working hours of employees primarily in order to pay their wages. Some companies have a requirement to record the number of hours spent on specific tasks in order to cost jobs accurately. A time clock or Clocking Machine, sometimes known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder, is a mechanical (or electronic) timepiece used to assist in tracking the hours an employee of a company worked. In regards to mechanical time clocks this was accomplished by inserting a heavy paper card, called a timesheet, into a slot on the time clock. When the time card hit a contact at the rear of the slot, the clocking machine would print day and time information on the card. This allowed a timekeeper to have an official record of the hours an employee worked to calculate and pay an employee. There are two different types of time cards conventionally used and offered by Time Access Solutions with a manual time clock, clipper and punch hole cards. There are also variations based on manufacture and Clocking machine used, and whether the user wants to record weekly or monthly recordings. Typically time cards are divided into sections for time and day stamping. More advanced time clocks require more advanced cards.

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Access Control

tas Security access control

Security Access control (with fingerprint reader access)

Our access control solutions provides a cutting-edge technology that enhances our value added offerings to our clients. Subsequently, we are very selective in choosing the right partners and when it comes to access control, our access control solutions are ideally based in conjunction with the top product ranges in hardware and software. This enables us to secure our client's environment, assets and property with total reliability.

Our range from Access control systems designed to work together seamlessly, Our products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions— from the simplest to the most challenging specifications.

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Turnstiles - Access control

Access control turnstiles


TAS is a preferred access control turnstile supplier of access control turnstiles, turnstile doors, and turnstile gate products with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Many government facilities, amusement parks, corporations, school and university campuses, industrial manufacturing and warehousing, construction sites, stadiums, airports and transit systems and more have trusted TAS to meet their pedestrian access control needs. We provided one-on-one consultation for our customers to make sure the access control turnstile products they choose meet their security needs.

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Access control Solution

tas Access control banner

Access control solutions

While commercial crime is on the rise and companies are spending more money on security improvements, one of the biggest issues in the business environment is the lack of security control over the traffic flow within the building. Where are your employees? What are they doing? And how are they spending their time? Are unauthorised personal entering restricted areas? All of these questions can be addressed if businesses relied on access control, specifically biometric access control systems. Our access control system we offer are Biometric fingerprint reader, Multi Biometric (fingerprint scanner and facial reader), Door Locks (Card reader Door locks and fingerprint reader door locks), Door controllers, RFID IP, RFID Wiegand, and more

“The thing that gets stolen the most in business is time!”.Biometric CCTV Cameras

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Fingerprint Readers - Access control

Fingerprint reader banner

Biometric Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint scanners are security systems of biometrics. They are now used in police stations, security industries and most recently, on smartphones. Everyone has marks on their fingers. They can not be removed or changed. These marks have a pattern and this pattern is called the fingerprint.

Biometric fingerprint scanning works through identifying physical features such as fingerprints readings, fingerprint veins, Palm reading, iris and retinal patterns, and facial recognition characteristics. While passwords, pins and cards can all be lost or stolen, biometric data is unique to the individual and cannot be easily copied or forged.

Our fingerprint reader solution comes with the following products: F6 fingerprint reader device, F7 Fingerprint reader device, F707 fingerprint reader device, F708 fingerprint reader device, F16 fingerprint reader product, F17 fingerprint reader product, F18 fingerprint reader product, MA500 fingerprint reader product, X7 fingerprint reader product and K30 fingerprint reader product.

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Clock Card Machines banner

Job Costers

Job order costing or job costing is a system for assigning manufacturing costs to an individual product or batches of products. Generally, the job order costing system is used only when the products manufactured are sufficiently different from each other.

At TAS a company based in south Africa, Randburg, we specialise in various clocking (time recording) and access control systems, along with supporting software that enables employers to monitor time abuses in areas that are often overlooked (for example restroom breaks and smoke breaks), and to accurately calculate employees' payroll. 

What sets our company apart is the fact that we have been selling and servicing TAS products for such a long time period that we have the best possible understanding of how each product and its accompanying software functions. This enables us to provide our clients with the best service in our industry. Our Job Costing products we offer are Mindman SP-600 job coster and Amano Pix-200 job coster

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Time and Attendance Solution banner

Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance systems come equipped with biometrics readers(fingerprint reader and facial recognition) and are an easy-to-use, fast and proven way of managing your employees more efficiently. The benefits includes:

  • Improves employee punctuality, reduces long breaks and absenteeism
  • Prevents fraud by eliminating duplicate and fake registrations
  • Quick and easy to use – records attendance with just one touch or a quick scan
  • Reduces payroll costs – enables you to precisely record the arrival and departure time and all breaks
  • Saves you time –  by either integrating directly with your payroll system (Sage or Pastel) or produce a report that can be downloaded or printed.
  • Wide product variety – devices suitable for small and large business as well as portable devices that are very durable, waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and have been designed for use in mines and on construction sites.
  • Ideal for a wide range of industries – retail, manufacturing, mining, hospitality & event management

Our Time and attendance products range from: Fingerprint reader Time and attendance products, facial recognition / facial reader Time and attendance products, Portable fingerprint reader Time and attendance products, clocking machine Time and attendance products, and job costing Time and attendance products. Read More Time and Attendance...



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