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turnstiles tripod 400


  • Turnstile tripod 400 Access Control and Attendance stand alone product
  • Turnstile tripod 400 Access Control and Attendance stand alone product
  • Turnstile tripod 400 Access Control and Attendance stand alone product

Tripod 400 Turnstile Product Descriptions

The TriPod 400 Turnstile is a stylish open design tripod turnstile which provides a reliable, effective and easy to use means of controlling access in and out of a facility.

The TriPod 400 Turnstile combines a proven motorised mechanism with a small footprint making it ideal for reception areas in high end leisure clubs and gyms as well as office building and other applications where design is a key criterion.


Intelli-Motion Technology
The Tripod 400 turnstile features Intelli-Motion speed control which is designed to improve the user experience by providing a consistently smooth, controlled rotation. The turnstiles microprocessor custom-adjusts the rotation speed of the turnstile to the user. If the user pushes gently, the turnstile turns slowly. If the user pushes hard, the turnstiles' speed automatically increases. This kind of consistently controlled rotation is safer for the user and substantially reduces turnstile wear and tear in heavy use installations for lower maintenance requirement and a longer life span. Intelli-Motion solves the issue where certain turnstiles are harder to push than others and where recoil from the turnstile arms can sometimes be a problem.

Tailored to Suit
The Centurion TriPod 400 turnstile can have the majority of its settings like torque, speed, timeout period, sensitivity, fire alarm integration, brake performance and card buffering adjusted on site, or remotely to ensure its performance best matches the site requirements.

The TriPod 400 turnstile comes with a sealed motorised drive which provides greater reliability, lower maintenance and faster, easier throughput than traditional mechanical units.

The TriPod 400 turnstile can integrate with the fire alarm system so it free wheels in an emergency. In addition there is an option for a drop arm which allows for a clear lane for emergency evacuation.

The TriPod 400 turnstile can be installed alongside passgates such as the SwingGate to provide access for wheelchairs or deliveries.

Remote Control
The turnstile can be supplied with a desk mounted console or PC software to provide the reception team with easy control of the turnstiles functionality to facilitate visitor entry, simplify alarm monitoring and change operational modes.





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