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Facial recognition systems - Access control & time and attendance

Face recognition system is the latest way of marking attendance. Automatic attendance system using face recognition helps you in saving a lot of money. Attendance system using face recognition is the most advance technolgy used for attendance marking.

TAS is a leading provider of high performance, cost effective facial scanners or facial recognition systems. The company is setting the industry standard for advanced user interfaces that are fast, intuitive and effortless. Serving enrollment and authentication solutions of all sizes, TAS facial scanners include indoor and outdoor facial recognition scanners such as facedepot facial scanners and speedface facial systems.

Facial Recognition Systems (Access Control)

Facial Recognition Systems - Access control & time and attendance

Facial Recognition Systems

Time Access and Automotive Systems range of biometric solutions includes a series facial scanner. Our latest biometric facial recognition scanner provides improved mapping of a person's facial features when identifying someone using video or still image. Biometric facial readers can be used in a wide variety applications where a non contact biometric solution is required.

Technology in recent years that's become increasingly popular for use in time and attendance systems for verifying employee attendance at the workplace. Non contact usage by the user, makes this the ideal biometric solution for the food industry, or where hygiene is of utmost importance. Our facetime system uses several techniques for improved accuracy when mapping a person's face.

The first generation of facial readers used the 2D method, which only measured the distances between various points on a person's face. Later replaced by the 3D method operating very much like the hand scanner geometry system, it now measures facial contours as well as distances between facial features. More cleverly, the latest method we use also involves skin texture analysis by looking at spots and blemishes etc. TAS new FT series biometric facial reader uses a combination of all these methods for even better performance and reliability.